“Walking Dead” Team Talk Whisperers Reveal

Walking Dead Team Talk Whisperers Reveal

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” closed out the first half of the ninth season with the winter finale last night which shows a real return to the horror roots of the comic with the help of a fog-cloaked cemetery setting.

The Whisperers, teased over the past few episodes, made their full debut here with the show suffering its first casualty by the hand of the terrifying villains – feral humans who wear the skin of ‘walkers’ and blend in with the zombies. Cinema Blend spoke with showrunner Angela Kang and she explains how the show will explore their story in the back half of the season:

“I think it’s really just a fascinating group. They’re unlike any group that our people have encountered before, and their philosophy is so specific and so strange. So that’s a big part of the story going forward is we will just kind of peel the layers of that onion and you’ll just learn more and more about who they are and what they believe. But also in the way that they apply that, you know? They’re not really a group that just kind of talks about a thing and doesn’t do stuff. They do what they believe, you know, and what they believe can be brutal.

We were reading the Whisperers comics while we were making one of the seasons of the show, and just literally going, ‘What? What’s happening?! What’s he doing?’ And so like, that’s really the feeling that we wanted to try to capture within the show itself. That was really the spirit with which we went at it. It’s trying to capture that sense of delight and the feeling of being intrigued and scared. And so that was sort of our philosophy in how to tell the story. Fingers crossed, we succeeded a little bit.”

Kang’s creative team is expected to stick close to the comic in tone and style, hopefully continuing the creative resurgence the show has experienced in recent weeks. Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst will play the leaders of the new villains in the new episodes which kick off in February.