“Walking Dead,” “Stranger Things” Games Axed

Walking Dead Stranger Things Games Axed

Following on from yesterday’s news about the majority studio closure of Telltale Games and the firing of much of its staff, it has been confirmed that all the company’s upcoming projects have been scrapped including the planned “Stranger Things” games, “The Wolf Among Us 2” and even the final season of “The Walking Dead”.

The latter is the most interesting in that the first episode of a planned five for “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” has already been released with the second due next week. However, with the team that handles that game being laid off suddenly, the game will be left unfinished with the second episode launch to be the last.

What two dozen staff remain out of the hundreds that were employed will be working on the Minecraft Story Mode project for Netflix, matching the company’s statement it will fulfil its obligations to its board and partners. Social media has been filled with posts from people claiming to be former staffers at the Bay Area-based video game company are seeking work and alleging they did not receive severance pay.

Source: US Gamer