Walking Dead Spin-Off To Be A Prequel?

With “Breaking Bad” over, the final bow of “Mad Men” being drawn out, and none of its new shows really landing with any major impression – the news that AMC was planning a spinoff of its zombie series “The Walking Dead” came as no real shock.

Now, a few months on since the announcement, TV Line reports that they hear this companion series will be a sort-of prequel that will focus on the early days of the epidemic and the efforts to contain it.

This would allow “The Walking Dead” producers to showcase something not really seen in the parent series – the real-world reaction to the zombie epidemic, and the ultimate descent into hell that takes place across major urban areas.

This matches comic creator Robert Kirkman’s description that the series would not be based on any existing material from his graphic novel series, and would not be set in Georgia like the current series.