Walking Dead Spin-Off Set In Los Angeles

Until now, not much has been known about the setting of AMC’s proposed “The Walking Dead” spin-off series, other than it focusing on an entirely different group of survivors, and being set as far away from the main series setting of Atlanta as it can be.

Now, TV Line has revealed that it looks like Los Angeles will be the main setting for the upcoming show which is currently in the pilot stage.

Considering that’s so far from the action of the main series, a crossover between the two shows is highly unlikely anytime in the near future. It has also been rumored, and now THR has confirmed, that the series will also be set in the past – specifically the early days of the zombie apocalypse which were never explored in the comics.

Filming on the pilot takes place in early 2015, though it’s unclear where the show’s production will be based. Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, and Malycia Debnam Carey star in the pilot which seems a shoe-in to be ordered to series.

There’s also a report indicating that an early draft of the pilot features one character who briefly appeared during a key season one episode.