Walking Dead Spin-Off Gets A Title?

Turns out the upcoming spin-off based on AMC’s mega-rating zombie drama “The Walking Dead” may not be as separated from its main show as first thought.

The Nerdist has some new details on the show indicating that we’ll see a crossover element come into play. Specifically one of the major characters in the upcoming Los Angeles-based spin-off may be playing a major part in the sixth season of “The Walking Dead”. Here’s their report, which also includes a rumored title for the new series:

“Our sources tell us that one of the characters who will lead The Walking Dead spinoff, will be appearing for a six-episode arc in Season 6 of The Walking Dead. They’ll cross paths with Team Rick in Georgia before presumably making their way towards the West Coast for the L.A.-based show.

Now, while there is no air date set for the spinoff, here’s what we have heard. The show is rumored to be titled Fear The Walking Dead, and allegedly takes place while Rick was in a coma, during the initial zombie plague outbreak. This means we’ll get to see how the world crumbled around society as the dead first began to walk the Earth.”

It is also being suggested that AMC may employ the strategy that ABC is doing with its Marvel shows – namely slotting in the spin-off series during the mid-season break of the main show.