“Walking Dead” Showrunner On Time

With the exit of showrunner Scott Gimple after a few seasons, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has a chance to turn its slumping reviews and ratings around next season with a fresh start.

A big part of that change will be Angela Kang, the new showrunner who spoke during “The Kick-Ass Women of AMC” panel the other day and confirmed reports that the series will take a time jump next season. Kang tells This Is Insider:

“We’re playing with time in this season, so we get to kind of jump forward in the story. We come in [to season nine] on some really fun stuff. I’m really focusing a lot on the core character relationships in the show that have kind of been long lasting as well as servicing all of our wonderful series’ regulars.”

Kang also promised big things for some of the female characters on the show including Michonne, Maggie and Carol:

“We’re going to see some really great stories with the women on our show, particularly. And I think for people who are really invested in say Michonne, Maggie, Carol, there’s such great material for them as well as, of course, Rick and Daryl, and those other characters that we love, but for people who are looking for that specifically they will really see some incredible work from our women.”

The new season is expected to see the exit of two series regulars after a few episodes. The new season of “The Walking Dead” screens this Fall.