“Walking Dead” S7 Post-Premiere Trailer

AMC has released the trailer for the second episode of the seventh season of “The Walking Dead,” a preview that follows in the wake of last night’s premiere and its shockingly brutal start to the season.

The show’s new force of nature is Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan character who is a fan favorite from the comics. Talking about playing the iconic leader, the actor tells Cinema Blend that he had to tone him down a bit for the series:

“With Negan, I am keenly aware not to be over the top. In a world that I think has been created, that is kind of so real, the Walking Dead world, you can’t have this guy coming in with his red scarf and his barbwire bat and being over the top — and his use of the English language and all of that. I was trying kind of downplay the comic book side.

It’s one thing in a comic book, I think, when you read it. And you see it a little bit with Comedian too – although that, literally Zack shot that almost panel for panel, so it was a different thing. But Walking Dead is a bit of a trick in trying to make sure that he fits into that world, and doesn’t come off as kind of cartoonish.”

The second episode titled “The Well” runs a whopping 76 minutes, making it one of the longest episodes of the series to date. The episode is expected to introduce The Kingdom, a new community run by Ezekiel and his pet tiger.

As in previous seasons, the show will air eight episodes into December before taking a break and returning with eight more in February. The second episode kicks off on October 30th.