“Walking Dead” S7 Clip, Whisperers Talk

AMC’s mega-zombie drama “The Walking Dead” held an New York Comic Con panel the other day with a 3.5-minute clip from the seventh season premiere being released.

The network has been very careful about what clips and footage from the new season it has shown to date – mainly to keep the secret of who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has just beaten to death from being spilled.

We knew from the finale through his dialogue that Negan was not going to kill either Rick or Carl, and so the clip focuses on the aftermath of the scene but keeps it tight to just a face-off between Rick and Negan. Check it out below:

Comic creator Robert Kirkman was on hand for the panel Q&A afterwards (via ComicBook.com) and spoke about the potential of introducing the ‘Whisperers’ on the show:

“Probably, eventually…As long as we don’t get cancelled it should. I can’t wait to see Andrew Lincoln saying ‘Now we gotta worry about the Whispererererers’…I think about some dark stuff.”

In the comics, The Whisperers are a group of survivors who have no actual desire to kill the living dead and walk among the zombies themselves wearing suits made from the skin of actual walkers.

By the end of the sixth season, the TV series is up to the 100th issue of the comics whereas the whisperers don’t appear until Issue 130 which would suggest an introduction either late in the eighth or sometime in the ninth season of the show. The comic is currently up to its 159th issue.

The new season of “The Walking Dead” returns October 23rd.