Walking Dead S5 Mid-Season Date Set

AMC’s zombie drama “The Walking Dead” returns for its fifth season on Sunday with launches in the United States that night and across various countries within the next few days. Ahead of that launch, many of the key cast and crew turned up at the New York Comic Con to discuss what’s in store for the show.

First up, the official U.S. air dates for the entire season are locked in. The show commences tomorrow (October 12th) and will run for eight consecutive episodes before the mid-season finale on November 30th.

It will then go on hiatus, and resume on February 8th 2015 with another eight consecutive episodes which will culminate in the fifth season finale on March 29th 2015. International air dates are expected to follow that pattern closely as well.

It has been confirmed that some of the action of the fifth season will go back in time slightly to explore some of the action that took place off screen or we only briefly glimpsed in the previous season. Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic and producer on the series, also confirmed that this season will follow the comic a little closer than it has in past seasons.

Source: ComicBook.com