“Walking Dead” Ratings Continue To Plummet

AMC’s megahit zombie series “The Walking Dead” continues to experience its biggest ever ratings drop this season.

EW reports that the show has fallen sharply in the wake of its seventh season premiere last month, and has declined steadily each week since to mark the steepest ratings fall in the show’s history.

In fact, Sunday’s fifth episode of the season delivered the show’s lowest viewership since the third season. Viewership fell from the incredible 17 million viewers who tuned into the premiere down to 12.5 million for the second episode and has fallen to 11 million by the fifth. That marks an even steeper drop than the show’s fourth season early episodes.

Critical reviews for the most recent episode, ‘Go Getters’ have been scathing, but even so the episodes 5.1 rating in 18-49 remains easily a bigger rating than any other show on TV. ‘Dead’ ain’t going anywhere for a while.