Walking Dead Kills Its Writers

Despite the renewal for another season, “The Walking Dead” showrunner Frank Darabont has fired the entire writing staff of the AMC hit series reports Deadline.

Along with the scribes, writing executive producer Charles H. Eglee has been let go and Darabont is reportedly looking to assign scripts to freelancers rather than having a writing staff.

Darabont himself penned the first two episodes of the first season and polished the scripts for the other four – one of which came from the comic’s creator and two from non-staff writers.

Acclaim for the pilot and second episode ran pretty high, but critical enthusiasm has slightly dropped off in subsequent weeks.

The freelance model is freely used in other countries or international co-productions such as the upcoming BBC/Starz continuation of the “Torchwood” franchise, but on a U.S.-based network series there is a question of unions and potential Writer’s Guild infractions.

Darabont also has the issue of a much longer thirteen-episode second season.