Walking Dead Creator Talks Second Season

Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic that inspired AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, talked recently with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming second season.

Kirkman says “We’re mapping out everything. We got a lot of cool ideas. Everyone here is mindful of how well received the first season was. We’re breaking our backs, story wise, to make sure the next season is twice is good, or three times as good, with a lot of twists and turns and pushing the envelop of what you can do on TV.”

Character-wise one can expect to see more of the Rick and Shane dynamic explored – “That’s definitely the core dynamic that’s going on, but there’s a lot of other interesting stuff in the mix. We’re going to seeing a lot of Andrea and a lot more of Laurie.”

Talking about the change of locale, Kirkman says “I don’t know if I can go into that, but I know [showrunner Frank Darabont] has said we’re going to see Hershel’s farm. We’re looking to take some picturesque rural landscapes and play with that and come up with some cool zombie visuals. We’ll see some of the locations of the first season, but we’re going to mainly focus on breaking new ground. Oh, and we’re going to feature a lava planet.”

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