Walken, DeNiro Team On “War With Grandpa”

In their first team-up since 1978’s “The Deer Hunter,” friends Christopher Walken and Robert De Niro are set to team up again on screen in the comedy “The War With Grandpa” for Marro Films Dimension.

Based on the book by Robert Kimmel Smith, the story follows a kid who reluctantly gives up his bedroom to accommodate his grandfather (De Niro), whom he loves but wants out of his room.

The boy engages in a series of pranks meant to drive his grandpa out, but the old man is pretty wise to it and returns the volleys. Walken will play his best friend, while Eugene Levy also has a role.

Tim Hill (“Hop”) helms the project which Matt Ember, Tom Astle, Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse wrote. Shooting kicks off next month.

Source: Deadline