Walden To Develop “Billion Dollar Spy”

Walden Media is set to develop, finance and produce a film adaptation of David E. Hoffman’s “The Billion Dollar Spy” while Ben August (“Remember”) is attached to write the script.

The story follows an ordinary man, Adolf G. Tokachev, who became the Pentagon’s most valuable spy during the last years of the Cold War.

Tolkachev, a senior engineer in a top-secret Soviet aerospace laboratory, used his high-level access to hand over pages of technical secrets, highly classified blueprints, diagrams and reports on radars, avionics, guidance systems and fighter designs.

Tolkachev and his handlers succeeded for years in eluding the feared KGB in its own backyard, until the day a shocking betrayal put them all at risk. Akiva Goldsman (“Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “I Am Legend”) is producing.

Source: Variety