Wahlberg To Be The “Six Billion Dollar Man”?

Mark Wahlberg will star in the long in development film adaptation of the 1970s TV series “The Six Million Dollar Man” at Universal Pictures according to The Tracking Board.

The original show followed astronaut Steve Austin whose body is rebuilt with cybernetic technology after a traumatic injury from an aircraft crash.

Several attempts have been made to adapt the property before, mostly as a comedy, with the likes of Jim Carrey and Leonardo Di Caprio linked. However, the property was often stuck in a rights tussle between TV series rights owner Universal and the Weinsteins who own the Martin Caidin novel on which the show was based.

The site claims Wahlberg’s “Lone Survivor” director Peter Berg is attached to produce and possibly direct should the project come together, and it would also undergo a title change to “The Six Billion Dollar Man” according to Wahlberg in a recent interview.