Wahlberg Talks The “Entourage” Movie

Mark Wahlberg tells MTV News that he’s keen to get to work on the film spin-off of HBO hit series “Entourage”.

“I am more focused on making that movie than my own films. I just think we can make a great movie. I think people always wanted [it] and have complained that the episodes are too short – they’ve always wanted more. I think we’re going to do it” said the actor during Sunday’s 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

No date is yet set though the film would likely come after the series and would wrap up events in the finale – “We’re going to have six episodes next year and end with a bang and then in the trailer you see [Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and his associate, Lloyd] waking up together in Vegas not knowing what happened.”

The series kicks off its seventh season at the end of the month.