Wahlberg Set For “Raven” But Helmer Not?

First linked six months ago by Latino Review, Mark Wahlberg has now apparently locked down a deal with Universal to produce and possibly star in a feature length adaptation of Ricardo De Montreuil’s short film “The Raven” reports Heat Vision.

The short follows a man with powers being chased around Los Angeles by police drones, which are co-ordinated by a huge ship above the city. Wahlberg’s partner Steve Levinson is producing from a script by Justin Marks.

de Montreuil was originally slated to direct, but the filmmaker recently signed onto “Lowriders” for producer Brian Grazer. That project, written by Cheo Hodari Coke, involves a young man becoming a street cruiser success story who must take on the “local badass”.

Schedules are presently unsure on either project, and Wahlberg is committed to a few other films including Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” and David O. Russell’s “Uncharted”.