Wachowski’s “Sense8” Gets Character Vids

The upcoming TV series “Sense8” brings together three key talents – “The Matrix” creators the Wachowskis, the streaming service Netflix which has helped given rise to binge viewing, and J. Michael Straczynski whose mid-1990s series “Babylon 5” helped pave the way for heavily serialised storytelling on TV.

“Sense8” is described as a global thriller in which eight individuals learn they are connected to seven other selves. Today, Netflix has unveiled mini-featurettes about those eight key characters which go into some more details about these quite different people including a buff Chicago medic, a San Francisco transsexual, a Nairobi drugs courier, a Mumbai woman forced into an arranged marriage, a closeted Mexican soap star, a London drug addict DJ, a Seoul executive into underground fighting, and a hard-partying thief from Berlin. “Sense8” will go online in full on the streaming service from next Friday (June 5th).