Wachowski Retirement Rumors Due To Sell Off

Wachowski Retirement Rumors Due To Sell Off

After the release of “The Matrix,” directors didn’t come hotter than the Wachowski siblings. Since then however things have been rather up and down in terms of their films.

There’s no question the pair are highly skilled filmmakers with a real eye and point of view, but there’s no question their ‘Matrix’ follow-ups met a much more divided reaction despite their financial success. Their big-budget subsequent films like “Speed Racer,” “Cloud Atlas” and “Jupiter Ascending” were all box-office disappointments, even as all have since found cult followings (esp. “Cloud Atlas”). Same for their costly but under-appreciated Netflix series “Sense8”.

The pair would seem an ideal choice for a sci-fi tentpole (fans are already suggesting them for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”), but a new report in Chicago Business (via The Playlist) suggests we may have seen the last of them in the film and TV production arena with Lana and Lilly Wachowski reportedly putting their Chicago-based studio offices on the market.

In a statement, Lana says: “Lilly and I have always tried to build family wherever we worked, and for years this building has been that family’s home.” Her wife Karin added that there are no new projects scheduled and with “Sense8” having wrapped with the finale film premiering back in June, the family has decided the best course of action is to close the offices.

That story was then followed up by some comments on social media with film critic Britt Hayes saying on Twitter: “not sure if it’s still the case, but last I heard things were not…great… between the Wachowskis”. That was responded to by “Doctor Strange” and “Sinister” scribe C. Robert Cargill who tweeted: “When I talked to Lana this summer, she said she felt pretty much done, like she accomplished everything she set out to do. I’m hoping inspiration and the boredom of a brief retirement brings them back, Soderbergh style. Also: rumors.”

For now though, it definitely seems the pair won’t be doing any more film or TV productions in the next few years. Whether they’ll eventually come back, we’ll see.