VOTD: Why “Iron Man 3” Is Underrated

When it comes to ranking the Marvel cinematic universe, most people’s lists are often fairly consistent. One notable exception though, and one that often divides the lines between comic and non-comic fans, is Shane Black’s “Iron Man 3”.

Despite scoring a strong box-office and some solid reviews, amongst many Marvel fans the film is one of the worst of the Marvel cinematic universe. The main complaints lobbied against it are usually the Mandarin joke twist, the lack of scenes with Downey in the armored suit, and the stand alone-ish nature of the film which ignores some MCU continuity.

Yet to some, myself included, those are amongst its strengths and help make it one of the better MCU films to date. Yes there is some clunkiness, especially with Pearce’s villain and some of Pepper’s storyline, but the film boasts some excellent action set pieces, a resonant thematic arc for Tony dealing with PTSD and anxiety disorder, and the fun that comes with a Shane Black film – all without having to deal with setting up another film down the line.

Today, Chris Hartwell has created a new video essay about the film for Schmoes Know. The essay focuses on why the film deserves a rewatch by those who hate it. In it, he touches upon the film’s thematic consistency, the unnecessary polarisation of film reviews these days, and he touches upon how some audience members can handle and enjoy good films with a few bad elements (or vice versa) whereas others are soured on a whole movie simply because of one or two scenes or elements they don’t like.