VOTD: Three Ways Technology Is Ruining Films

When it comes to filmmaking, practical is often lauded over computer graphics even as the latter has become ubiquitous across all productions.

One of the biggest reasons for that pushback against the use CG is due to the all too frequent occasions of its misuse. Much of the time CG is used in fairly invisible or seamless ways, but when it goes wrong it can go very visibly wrong.

A new fifteen-minute video essay titled ‘Methods of Madness’ explores that idea, touching upon three ways digital filmmaking technology is actually ruining the art of movies.

The first is also my personal biggest gripe with CG effects – namely artists and directors who ignore the laws of physics to try and make a shot “look cool”. This leads to CG creations that don’t have believable mass, momentum or inertia and immediately pegs them as being fake.

Others touched upon are the overuse of digital color grading, and the use of ‘digital cameras’ in ways that again feel artificial and render some shots looking like video game cut scenes. Check out the full clip below: