VOTD: The Epidemic Of Passable Movies

2016 has been a strange year for filmgoing. In indie circles, the overall standard has been high but there’s been few real standouts beyond a handful which are now in awards contention.

In major studio film circles, the problem is even more pronounced with this year’s crop of blockbusters coming under fire for being decent but bland retreads of bigger past successes. In fact it appears more and more the films that are getting made are falling into that ‘it was fine’ zone – not bad enough to really dismiss, not good enough to really recommend.

The Nerdwriter has posted a new video essay about this issue, one they dub ‘The Epidemic Of Passable Movies’ and explain how audiences are beginning to settle for these films which go beyond basic issues of tonal and logical inconsistency and rather rely on cliche and familiarity as motivation and justification instead of original and nuanced storytelling.

It’s a fair argument. Tentpole films are, more and more, proving to be profitable in spite of barely passing (or not even that) critical and audience response grades. In aiming to appeal to everyone and provide reliable revenue streams for studios, the number of studio films taking risks are dwindling. Have a look for yourself and have your say below: