VOTD: “Shut Up About Plot Holes”

Votd Shut Up About Plot Holes

A while back a YouTube user by the name of Patrick h. Willems did a video essay about the color grading, or rather lack thereof it, in the Marvel Studios films that scored a lot of attention. He followed that up last year with a look at the Snyder-era DC films and their problems with character.

He’s back today with a similar essay that has brought attention to and deals with an increasing problem – the mistaken perception of plot holes. In the last ten years, thanks heavily to the rise of social media and YouTube, movies are now not being genuinely reviewed so much as being nitpicked and torn apart in sassy video commentaries.

Key to that is young filmgoers who are mistaking such things as plot contrivances, off-screen events and logic gaps for ‘plot holes’ which is becoming a blanket term for numerous other kinds of criticism. A ‘plot hole’ by definition is when a story breaks a previously established rule about its own universe and contradicts itself.

Chris Pine’s Kirk landing on the same planet (and within walking distance of) where an aged Spock is hiding out in 2009’s “Star Trek”? That’s a plot contrivance, not a hole. Peter Quill getting mad and ruining the attempt to get the gauntlet of Thanos in ‘Infinity War’? That’s an illogical emotional reaction – it’s dumb but it’s human. How did Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne get back to Gotham in “The Dark Knight Rises” – that’s off-screen events and not a plot hole.

Willems uses several examples in the piece and then goes on to explain how some criticism is ultimately misguided and eventually goes into the history of how and when criticising plot holes became a mainstream thing. Check out the full video below:

Source: The Playlist