VOTD: Nathan Fillion Is Nathan Drake… Sort Of

Votd Nathan Fillion Is Nathan Drake Sort Of

Ever since there has been talk of a film adaptation of PlayStation’s popular “Uncharted” video game series, there has been talk of “Firefly” and “Castle” star Nathan Fillion being ideal for the role of treasure-hunting adventurer/thief Nathan Drake.

Fillion not only bears a physical resemblance to the video game protagonist, but the personality very much matches Fillion’s past work. As the film languished in development hell for years, the chances of it happening looked slim.

Ultimately the film picked up new steam last year when current “Spider-Man” star Tom Holland scored the Nathan Drake role in what will serve as an origin story for Drake’s adventures. That ruled Fillion out, though the actor teased something related to the franchise was coming today.

Well that surprise has been revealed and since Fillion isn’t going to be involved in the official film, he’s become involved in an unofficial one – taking on the role of Nathan Drake in a live-action fan film from filmmaker Allan Ungar (“The Sound,” “Gridlocked”) who co-wrote the short with Jesse Wheeler. The clip also sports “Avatar” baddie Stephen Lang as Sully, check out the clip below: