VOTD: Honest Trailers: “La La Land” & “Moonlight”

It was the most Oscar-nominated film of all time, but the very well-liked musical “La La Land” lost out the Best Picture honor to the universally praised “Moonlight” at this year’s Oscars in a snafu that made history.

Now, with Damien Chazelle’s musical coming to home video, the Honest Trailers guys have turned their attention to it. It’s a fun piece, justifiably skewering the obliviousness of the characters and postcard perfect interpretation of Los Angeles.

However, just over halfway through this switches gears to “Moonlight” and becomes something rather sublime as it blends musical parody and paying legitimate respect to the “Moonlight” cast who were shortchanged of the proper thanks they should have received and didn’t because of the Best Picture mix-up.