VOTD: Honest Trailers – Every Chris Nolan Film

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s films have numerous signatures. Gorgeous cinematography and shot composition, percussive scores, complicated narrative structure, serious and austere tone, and a stable of great actors.

They have some weaknesses – having been labelled cold, sterile and lacking in sensuality, sexuality and empathy – they’re logical mind puzzlers as opposed to fully fledged emotional journies. There’s also little debate about their tendency for ‘fridging’ in which the harming or death of an underwritten female love interest is a key motivator for the male lead – rendering that female role into little more than a plot device.

Finally there’s his fans who have a reverence for him bordering on the devout. Nolan is a big, some would say the biggest, champion of working on and with film in the modern era and his films deserve almost all the kudos they get as he is one of the best filmmakers working today.

Still, one can have a little fun and the Honest Trailers guys do so with their new clip which explores the similarities and formula of these films and is worth a look.