VOTD: “Dunkirk” Re-Edited As A Silent Short Film

With Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” now out on Blu-ray, a fan has done a fairly clever re-editing of the film and turned it into “Dunkirk: The Silent Film” – an eight minute long, dialogue-free, black-and-white fan film that has the feel of silent era films.

Otherwise it’s a fairly concise take on the film – cutting out some of its weakest elements (eg. the Cillian Murphy subplot) – and racing through others. Sadly the lush 70mm photography is lost in order to achieve the old fashioned look.

Thanks to its focus on visual storytelling, “Dunkirk” is perfect source material for something like this. The film has closed out the year on or near the top of many critics top ten films of the year list and is expected to be a major player come awards season.