VOTD: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s “Period Sex”

When “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” moved from Showtime to The CW, it was expected the series would have to cut back a bit for broadcast TV. Surprisingly those behind the show, including star Rachel Bloom, haven’t hit a problem with their content.

However one particular song they couldn’t do, one that became a running gag for the show’s second season – “Period Sex”. In the show’s narrative, the number is instantly cut off every time someone even hums a few bars.

Producer Aline Brosh McKenna has previously said that despite the teases, they couldn’t really include it on the show because it was filthy. According to reports it wasn’t even so much the lyrics as all the very suggestive green screen backgrounds.

Now Bloom has finally released the full music video online for fans to enjoy. The number now joins other songs on the show which deals with things like urinary tract infections and the risks of STDs.