VOTD: “Batman v Superman: Moustache Edition”

It has taken less than 24 hours since the trade report broke yesterday about the expensive and expansive “Justice League” reshoots. However, the talk of Henry Cavill’s moustache requiring digital removal in post-production has already generated a life all its own.

Cavill is sporting a moustache for filming on “Mission: Impossible 6” which hasn’t finished yet and so he can’t shave it off until he’s wrapped his role. As a result, his reshoots on “Justice League” so far have seen him having to keep the cookie duster.

Memes have been popping all over the place, and now one fan has gone so far as to insert a comical moustache onto “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” footage. As much as it is amusing, as has been pointed out – this could ultimately be the most expensive moustache of all time.