VOTD: “Arrival” Boasts More VFX Than You Realise

The best kind of visual effects are the ones that often go unnoticed. Aliens, monsters, fantasy landscapes, spaceships and resurrected co-stars are all about making bringing something fantastical into the everyday. Wire removal, digital set extensions and various other pieces of CG trickery however are often more about making the mundane into something more.

Oblique FX has released a breakdown of some of their visual effects work that went into Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival”. While some of this is fairly obvious from the alien craft to the tentacled creatures themselves, what might surprise you is how much of the rest of the film was done in the computer.

Trees, vehicles, grass, crowds, biohazard suits, helicopters, sunsets, etc. were all done in the computer though that fog over the valley? That was real. Check out the clip below: