VOTD: A James Bond Marathon

Check out this well-edited time-lapse Youtube video of a group of people – some die-hard fans, some newbies – watching all 22 official (and 3 unofficial) James Bond films over a three day period.

Along with a sample of every Bond theme tune, they’ve also tabulated their votes for the best and worst with the likes of “Goldfinger”, “Casino Royale,” “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and “Goldeneye” making up the Top Five.

What is towards the bottom? “The Man with the Golden Gun,” “Die Another Day,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “Diamonds Are Forever” and “Quantum of Solace”. The group admits that “A Bondathon forces you to reconsider your opinion on these films, so if you think some of our rankings are whack, all I can say is, you had to be there.”

Head to Commander Bond to watch the clip.