von Trier’s “Nymphomanic” Runs Five Hours

Lars von Trier’s much anticipated erotic odyssey “Nymphomaniac” is going to be long, and we aren’t just talking about the size of some of the cast member’s appendages.

Montages reports that Lars von Trier is currently at work editing over one hundred hours of material shot for the film with the current version clocking in at five hours, or rather two films that will run for two-and-a-half hours each.

The site also says that producers are currently discussing an additional TV series to add more to this eight-chapter story.

The film blends all sorts of filmmaking techniques from changing aspect ratios to black-and-white filming to static cameras. One thing von Trier will NOT be doing this time out though is slow motion shots.

Extensive archive footage has also been culled from Youtube for the project which is described as “pure comedy” in the first half, before gradually becoming “darker and more tragic”.

The film premieres this Christmas in Denmark and will hit the US in a limited theatrical/VOD release sometime in 2014.

Source: The Film Stage