von Trier Hasn’t Seen Edited “Nymphomaniac”

Turns out the edited down version of Lars Von Trier’s two-part erotic odyssey “Nymphomaniac” is being really cut back.

Both upcoming films, with all of their explicitness intact, are said to run a combined total of five hours. For the Danish release in cinemas this Christmas, a full hour is being cut out of each film to make them “more commercially viable”.

What’s surprising is that, according to Ekko magazine, Von Trier has not taken part in assembling this edited, two-part four-hour version. In fact, he apparently hasn’t even seen it yet.

Nevertheless, he has signed off on the release and understands why it is being done – mainly to help investors get back the $10 million they sunk into the project.

The full five-hour version won’t be seen until next year, with the Cannes Film Festival still likely to be the venue for that version’s world premiere.

Source: Montages (via The Playlist)