Viva Laughlin Cancelled

Finally the axe has begun to swing with the first cancellation of a scripted series of the new Fall season happening yesterday.

The Los Angeles Times reports that CBS’s musical/drama “Viva Laughlin,” produced (and featuring a pilot cameo) by Aussie film star Hugh Jackman, is the first to get the chop.

The suddenness is surprising. “Laughlin” aired just two episodes to scathing reviews and low ratings. The series was in the midst of shooting Episode 9 of its 13-episode order and it isn’t clear if more episodes will be completed. A new season of “The Amazing Race” will air in the timeslot starting November 4th.

The network has had a difficult Fall season this year. It’s big budget Jimmy Smiths drama “Cane” and the Friday night vampire drama “Moonlight” have received mixed reaction and sinking ratings, despite that both have received orders for more scripts. Only its comedy “The Big Bang Theory” has been a success and as a result has gotten a full season order.

Several shows have the spectre of cancellation presently hovering over them with Fox’s “K-Ville,” “Carpoolers,” “Cavemen” and “Back to You,” ABC’s “Big Shots,” The CW’s “Life is Wild,” and “Aliens in America,” and NBC’s “Journeyman” the most likely to get the chop in coming weeks. Even some success stories like ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” and NBC’s “Bionic Woman” are suffering from major behind-the-scenes difficulties.

So far along with ‘Bang’, the CW’s low-rated “Gossip Girl” and the “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off “Private Practice” are the only shows to get full season orders so far. Still undetermined but likely to survive at least a while longer are “Chuck,” “Women’s Murder Club,” “Life,” “Reaper,” and “Dirty Sexy Money.”

Personally I’m sticking with “Chuck,” “Journeyman,” “Moonlight,” “Pushing Daisies,” and “Reaper” until they get pulled off.