Vision To Join Scarlet Witch In Streaming Series?

Vision To Join Scarlet Witch In Streaming Series

Following yesterday’s news of a “Falcon and Winter Soldier” TV series, a brief update has come along for the in the works “Scarlet Witch” TV series with Slashfilm reporting that Paul Bettany’s android character Vision will join the cast.

In fact, the outlet indicates that while the series was initially reported as a Scarlet Witch-led series, the focus might actually be on the pair of them instead of just her.

The two characters are love interests in the films and comics but it’s not clear at what point in the MCU’s timeline the six or eight-episode series, to premiere on Disney’s streaming service launching in 2019, will take place.

Indeed many of the shows deal with characters who seemingly died during the events “Avengers: Infinity War” and it’s not clear which ones will return and what the MCU will look like once the fourth “Avengers” is released.