Visceral’s “Star Wars” Game Has An Ensemble Focus

One of the big complaints about last year’s “Star Wars: Battlefront” was the lack of a single player campaign, meaning fans of both gaming and “Star Wars” who want a game with a real story set in that universe have been left to wait for future titles to come along and satisfy that need.

“Dead Space” creators Visceral Games and “Uncharted” writer Amy Hennig are working to do just that with a new “Star Wars” title currently in the works. Speaking about the untitled project over the long weekend at PAX West (via Cinema Blend), Henning confirmed the game will be an “original story” as opposed to simply being an adaptation of one of the films. More importantly, she says the game will have multiple playable characters and follow multiple protagonists because that’s a key part of it feeling like a “Star Wars” title:

“The side characters in Indiana Jones, and those types of films, are just that…they’re kind of along for the ride. But if you think about that compared to Han and Leia and the other characters in Rebels and the other characters in Rogue One, you can see that they’re all ensemble stories. And so if our game wasn’t an ensemble game and we weren’t telling an ensemble story then it wouldn’t pass the litmus test of going, ‘does this feel like Star Wars?'”

So you’ll be playing co-protagonists. That’s not really been seen in a “Star Wars” game since the 1990s and even then it was with existing characters only. Otherwise “Star Wars” single player games have been focused on one specific character to date. No release date for the new game has been set, though a 2018 release is the most likely.