Vine Could Take RatPac-Dune Library

Vine Could Take Ratpac Dune Library

Vine Alternative Investments, who holds a controlling interest in Village Roadshow and acquired the Manchester Film Library, is moving into the lead position to buy the RatPac Dune library of films.

Bidding on the films has gone up to the $290-300 million range with multiple bidders in the mix for a package of 76 films that includes minority ownership stakes in many Warner Bros. Pictures’ releases in the past few years including “Gravity,” “Wonder Woman,” “Batman V Superman,” “The LEGO Movie,” “Creed,” “Godzilla,” “American Sniper,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “IT” and “Dunkirk.”

Said library holds between 15%-25% of the revenue being realized from all those films which are still creating a reliable revenue stream that’s expected to generate $60-80 million per year for its owner over the next five years before petering out.

The buyer will own the cash flow from the library and copyrights in perpetuity. Warners discontinued its slate funding relationship with RatPac Dune in the past year.

Source: Deadline