Vincenzo Amato Joins Einstein Biopic

Vincenzo Amato will replace Giovanni Ribisi, who had been reportedly attached as the lead, in Italo helmer Liliana Cavani’s Albert Einstein biopic reports Variety.

The film, co-penned by Cavani with Massimo De Rita and Mario Falcone, will explore the personal life of Einstein who died in 1955 at 76. Italian actress Maya Sansa (“Best of Youth”) will play Einstein’s first wife, Mileva Maric.

Principal photography on the untitled biopic, to be shot as a theatrical feature and a two-part TV mini, will kick off August 19 in the northeastern Italian city of Trieste, which is standing in for Berlin.

Other locations will include Princeton, N.J., where Einstein spent a long stint at the Institute for Advanced Study after he fled Nazi Germany.