Vin Diesel’s “Fast Five,” “Riddick 3” Updates

Actor Vin Diesel has just posted on his Facebook page some quick updates on the status of the two upcoming sequels he’s involved in.

Firstly “Fast Five”, the fifth film in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. Diesel says he had a meeting with director Justin Lin the other day who shared with him “some daring but fascinating thoughts in terms of action set pieces… and relationships, old and new. The team is on their way to Brazil this evening, to scout, and to see what selection of cars there are.”

He also touched upon the third film featuring him as Riddick. Diesel says he’ll talk with writer/director David Twohy next week and hopes to see some concept art shortly. The next draft of the script is due this month and according to Twohy, scouting in Europe on the film went well.