Vin Diesel The Frontrunner For “Valiant”?

Vin Diesel has reportedly overtaken Jared Leto and become the frontrunner to take on the title role in the adaptation of the Valiant comic book series Bloodshot at Sony Pictures.

Dubbed a crime-oriented Frankenstein thriller, the story follows a mob killer who enters a witness protection program – only to be betrayed.

He soon becomes part of a secret experiment to create the ultimate killing machine, his memories are erased and he’s injected nanites that turn him into an unstoppable force – allowing him to heal from injuries, shapeshift, and even interact with technology.

Dave Wilson helms the project which boasts a script by Eric Heisserer along with another adaptation at Sony called “Harbinger”. Previously the plan was to cross the two films over, though it’s not clear if that’s still the case.

Neal Moritz will produce.

Source: The Wrap