Villeneuve Talks Helming “Blade Runner 2”

Despite being an acclaimed filmmaker thanks to the likes of “Incendies” and “Prisoners,” it’s still must be a tough gig for Denis Villeneuve to take the helm of a sequel to one of the most famous sci-fi films ever made – Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner”.

Scott is only producing the follow-up, allowing Villeneuve to direct the movie which will star Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. A full year out from production getting underway, the director has spoken with The National Post about the gig and says he’s been keen to tackle the sci-fi genre for a long time:

“People were asking me, what do you want to do? I said science fiction, always science fiction. I’m dreaming to do science fiction since a very long time. So now that the door is open, I’m just jumping into it. My soul will be filled if I do that… I’m ready to do it because the original ‘Blade Runner’ is by far one of my favourite movies of all time. ‘Blade Runner’ is almost a religion for me.”

The filmmaker has several other films to get around to first including the launch of “Sicario” at Cannes next month ahead of a Fall theatrical release. He’ll also shoot the Amy Adams-led “Story Of Your Life” this Summer before he begins shooting “Blade Runner 2” sometime in mid-2016.