Villeneuve, Gyllenhall Re-Team On “The Son”

Following their two acclaimed previous collaborations on “Prisoners” and “Enemy,” filmmaker Denis Villeneuve and actor Jake Gyllenhaal are re-teaming for an adaptation of acclaimed crime novelist Jo Nesbo’s “The Son”.

The story will center on Sonny Lofthus, a once gifted and promising wrestler whose downward spiral is cemented when his cop father commits suicide. Over the past twelve years, his time in prison has been nurtured by an uninterrupted supply of heroin from a seedy chaplain on the inside.

When he learns long-hidden truths about his father’s unexpected death, he makes a brilliant escape and begins hunting down the people responsible for his wrongful sentence. Channing Tatum once eyed the project as his possible directorial debut.

Villeneuve’s next project is the “Blade Runner” sequel, while “Headhunters” author Nesbo has a film adaptation of his novel “The Snowman” on the way starring Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson and directed by Tomas Alfredson.

Source: The Playlist