Villains of “Gotham” Season 2 Revealed

The cast and crew of FOX’s “Gotham” appeared at a panel at WonderCon this weekend ahead of the final four episodes of the first season going to air.

Talk at the panel turned toward the show’s second season with producer John Stephens reportedly mentioning three more villains that are already planned for the new season – Mr. Freeze, Clayface and The Mad Hatter.

Stephens said two storylines set to be explored include the “emergence of character billionaire Bruce Wayne” and the exploration of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) who has been teased as a potential candidate for The Joker.

One other potential storyline came up – the Court of Owls. Apparently the producers have “come close” to doing it but “haven’t yet committed.”

The final four episodes of the season kick off on April 13th.

Source: Twitter and LauInLa