Viggo, Cronenberg Make “Eastern” Sequel

Viggo Mortensen and director David Cronenberg could be re-teaming for a fourth time, though in a way many didn’t expect.

The pair first teamed on 2005’s acclaimed and multi-award winning “A History of Violence” which pulled in $60 million worldwide. The relationship proved so effective that they teamed again for 2007’s “Eastern Promises” which $56 million worldwide and also scored extremely good reviews on par with ‘History’.

Now Deadline reports that “Eastern Promises” scribe Steve Knight has penned a sequel with Viggo Mortensen set to reprise his role as Russian mafia hitman Nikkolai and Cronenberg seemingly set to direct.

Focus Features hopes to get the film into production by the end of the year, but it would have to be after Cronenberg’s “The Talking Cure” which Mortensen signed onto earlier this month. ‘Cure’ begins shooting May 17th.