Video Bits: Chickening, SHIELD, Samurai, Game

The Chickening
Selected for both Toronto and Sundance, Nick DenBoer and Davy Force’s ” The Chickening” is a short film spin on Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” that takes the horror classic and turns it into a super trippy ode to fried chicken. Boasting references galore from multiple nods to Tommy Wiseau to things like chicken-flavored condoms, it is easily the weirdest thing you’ll see today and the first in a potential series of remixed classic films by the same guys. [Source: BMD]

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
The Honest Trailers gang have only occasionally turned their attention towards TV shows, and this week they decided to tackle one of the more problematic of genre series – “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”. From all the name-dropping, the use of C-list characters, the frequent death of black characters, and the living in the shadow of the more acclaimed and interesting Netflix series.

Pre Vis Action
Breaking out on the scene with the Indonesian action smash “The Raid,” Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans returned for the sequel and is working on a third film in the series. Before that though he’s released a samurai short film through his YouTube account, a short which served as a test action sequence for the style of action seen in his “The Raid” films.

The story follows a young femake warrior given the task of delivering a treaty between two rival lords and soon finds herself hunted by two assassins intent on intercepting her message.

Game of Thrones
All the events of HBO’s big-budget fantasy series “Game of Thrones” tie back to the death of former Hand of the King Jon Arryn, a role played by legendary British actor Sir John Standing. In the pilot, Standing is only seen as a corpse in a few shots but the actor recntly revealed that originally they shot a much darker scene that would’ve seen a more brutal end for the character one in which he’s seen attempting to scrawl a note before being found by Cersei Lannister who stomps on him. Here’s the actor talking about the scene and revealing that he still gets fan mail for his few seconds of on screen time.