Veronica Mars Film Backers Get Refunds

The “Veronica Mars” movie hit cinemas and online this weekend to good reviews, but a number of the crowdfunded film’s backers have been left dissatisfied, upset, or outright angry over the delivery of their digital downloads.

The issue is bad enough that Warner Bros. Pictures will reportedly issue limited refunds to supporters who had trouble accessing their copy of the film.

Backers who pledged $35 or more to the Kickstarter campaign were promised “a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movie’s theatrical debut”. Said digital version however turned out to be exclusive to Flixster and the WB-backed cloud-based streaming service Ultraviolet – NOT direct digital downloads or the far more popular and widely used services like iTunes or Amazon.

As a result, the backers technically don’t actually own a copy of the film that they can keep. Also the service doesn’t work or is so slow as to be unwatchable in numerous countries outside the United States. As a result they’ve opted to purchase the feature on iTunes, Amazon or at the cinema instead.

Warners will reportedly issue $10 or a full refund to those who have contacted customer support that they have purchased the movie elsewhere.

Show creator and film director Rob Thomas says in an update that while they hoped to arrange options that would include more VOD services, ultimately “it just wasn’t possible” which left Flixster as the best option.

Source: THR