Verhoeven’s Next Follows A Lying Amorous Nun

One of the most well-deserved and enjoyable recent comebacks was that of “Total Recall” and “Robocop” director Paul Verhoeven. The Dutch filmmaker returned to features after years away with the much talked about Isabelle Huppert-led provocative thriller “Elle” which became one of the most acclaimed and successful foreign films of 2016.

The now 79-year-old Verhoeven is firmly back in play and he’s not letting this chance slide as Screen Daily reports that he has set his next project which will be titled “Blessed Virgin” and will be based on Judith C. Brown’s academic book “Immodest Acts”.

The book deals with 17th Century abbess Benedetta Carlini, who became a notable figure in the Church after having religious visions – only to see her claims of miracles revealed to be fakes and her multiple affairs with other nuns coming to light.

“Elle” producer Saïd Ben Saïd will return for this, and Virginie Efira (who played the wife of Huppert’s neighbour in “Elle”) takes on the lead role. Saïd revealed the project on Twitter this morning with a naughty bit of poster art.

No word on when the project will begin production.