Verbinski Departs “X-Men” Film “Gambit”

Yet again, the “X-Men” spin-off “Gambit” has lost another director with “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Ring” filmmaker Gore Verbinski bowing out ahead of a rumored March start of production in Louisiana.

Deadline reports Verbinski left the gig due to scheduling issues with the split said to be completely amicable. Channing Tatum remains onboard in the title role, no word about co-star Lizzy Caplan.

Tatum will play card-throwing, New Orleans-based mutant who can manipulate kinetic energy and fight with a bo staff. Verbinski’s exit comes after both Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman were attached for months and both left due to differing issues.

Fox has already set a February 14th 2019 release date and there’s no word if that will have to change at present.

Source: Deadline