Vera Farmiga Joins “Prima,” “Wind”

“Bates Motel” and “The Conjuring” star Vera Farmiga is keeping busy, the actress set to join Peter Sarsgaard in the ballet comedy “Prima”.

Farmiga plays a mother who will stop at nothing to realise her 13 year-old daughter’s ballet dancing dream of playing Sleeping Beauty.

Sarsgaard will play a ‘devil in dance-shoes’ instructor. Filming is slated to get underway this summer.

Farmiga has also joined “Paradise Lost” documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger’s narrative feature “Facing the Wind”.

The story is based on Julia Salamon’s non-fiction book about Bob Rowe (Alessandro Nivola), a man who spiraled from model husband to murdering his first wife (Farmiga) and then tries to redeem himself.

Evan Rachel Wood, Rita Wilson and Jennifer Beals also star.

Sources: Screen & Deadline