“Venom” Trailer Snippet Leaks Online

Tonight, Sony Pictures is holding one of the first presentations at CinemaCon where one of the big things on offer will be the second trailer for the Tom Hardy-led “Venom” film.

While the first trailer was notable for its total lack of title character, many dubbing it “Tom Hardy: The Movie,” a leak online a few minutes ago of a few seconds of footage from the trailer confirms that it’s not only ready but expect it to be online this week.

Trailer Track reports that the leak didn’t come from a test of the presentation or an inside studio source, it actually came from a cinema which received the trailer to play with “Avengers: Infinity War”.

With it having gone online all over social media (I won’t link it here but it’s easy to find on Twitter), it’s likely the proper trailer will go online sooner rather than later – potentially as early as right after the CinemaCon presentation in a few hours.